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"Mary is invaluable. No matter what aspect of my life she is organizing, she creates efficiency and flow. Her ability to perceive, communicate, and provide solutions is brilliant.
-Home organization and decision-making for J.S., Architect

"Mary helped me to get out of my own way."
-Organized files, books, and writing priorities for J.P., PhD Student

In the memo section of her check, one client wrote:
"For my
 insan  sanity!"
-Supported client through moving/storage/decision process with three weeks notice and a ten day vacation in the middle of it.

"Since working with Mary to organize my home, I make more money, doubled my business, and I have lost ten pounds."
-Home organization for L.M., Psychotherapist

"The guy came to fix my furnace and he was blown away by the change. I feel so good every time I walk in there."
-Basement sort, purge, and organization for M.N., Agency Director